Happy 4/20! “Mary Jane Girlz (the tree-mix)” video debuts today!

Happy 4/20 from Myself and the Pretty iLL camp! The video for the Mary Jane Girlz (the tree-mix) ft. Miss Bliss, Oracle Jayne Doe, Brandi Kane and M$NEY debuts today! Directed by Anthony Jefferson. Styling by La Pistola Vintage. Track produced by Donald XL Robertson. Special thanks to Verbs and William Redd Thedford IV for their magnificent presence in the… Read more →

#7x7Campaign: 4. “True Friend”

Hey everyone! I’m back for week 4 with my besties joint, “True Friend“, produced by TyBlack32310. Got a friend you’d ride for? Die for? Cry with? Slide with? Well, this is the song for you and your day-one’s. On “True Friend” Dawn Gun takes you on a journey through a few crazy-ass scenarios, where only her real ones had shown… Read more →

Isis Invitational: All Female Line-Up ft. Dawn Gun & Oracle Jayne Doe 

The Isis Invitational is an annual celebration of women, music, art and culture. There will be a dope all-female line-up – Oracle Jayne Doe and Dawn Gun included. It all takes place this Sunday, 3:29:15, in Leimert Park from 2-8 pm. Peace to Ashley-Dominique for the invite. All ages. Daytime. Art. Music. Food. Free. Holla. Read more →

#7x7Campaign: 1. “The Potion”

{Air Raid Siren Noise} New Music Alert! Haha! Today kicks off my #7x7Campaign with the single, “The Potion”, produced by TyBlack32310, now available on all digital music outlets. Come back every Tuesday for for a new single from yours truly and spread the word about the #7x7Campaign! Don’t forget to follow my label @PrettyiLLEnt online. Read more →