New Music

#7x7Campaign: 5. “Beautiful Funeral”

  Pretty iLL Entertainment Presents: #5 from my #7x7Campaign …  “Beautiful Funeral“, produced by TyBlack32310, is for everyone out there who’s had to pour out a ‘lil liquor for a loved one. Grab your copy online today!  {Set design by La Pistola Vintage. Photo and cover art by Donald XL Robertson.} Read more →

#7x7Campaign: 4. “True Friend”

Hey everyone! I’m back for week 4 with my besties joint, “True Friend“, produced by TyBlack32310. Got a friend you’d ride for? Die for? Cry with? Slide with? Well, this is the song for you and your day-one’s. On “True Friend” Dawn Gun takes you on a journey through a few crazy-ass scenarios, where only her real ones had shown… Read more →

#7x7Campaign: 1. “The Potion”

{Air Raid Siren Noise} New Music Alert! Haha! Today kicks off my #7x7Campaign with the single, “The Potion”, produced by TyBlack32310, now available on all digital music outlets. Come back every Tuesday for for a new single from yours truly and spread the word about the #7x7Campaign! Don’t forget to follow my label @PrettyiLLEnt online. Read more →