Gun Facts

It was a scorching summer afternoon in Queens, NY when Dawn Gun decided to pick up a pen and write her first rhyme. Her hand has been hot ever since. Growing up on the island of Manhattan, in a the historical section of Harlem known as Sugar Hill – right at the height of its infamy for grime, crime and rhyme – it was inevitable that Hip-Hop would work its way into Dawn Gun’s life as a force. Her rhymes go just as hard as the city she was bred in. As a teenager, her life took a turn for the west as her immediate family relocated the Puerto Rican and black spark plug to a then desolate desert suburb in California, where she almost lost her damn mind! She found her outlet in the form of writing poetry and filling her rap book with bars upon bars. Gravitating toward lovers of hip hop alike, Dawn Gun dug deeper into the culture – exercising her skills in high school battles, talent shows, college cyphers and, later, some of the freshest open mic spots in Los Angeles – where she proved to be a “real” Hip-Hop head, a dope MC and a truly entertaining performer.

Dawn Gun has made a name for herself on the scene with rhymes that go from the “stoop to the hoop”. Meaning, you can enjoy it on some chillin’ out type status or you can get real live to it! She independently released two EP’s and her mix tape “Revenge of the Doorknockers” with legendary LA DJ Jiji Sweet. In 2008 she was inducted into the Project Blowed-rooted, all-female collective The (Sis)tem Crew (also referred to by fans as the female Wu-Tang). Check out their EP, The Treatment.

Dawn Gun has rocked stages all over the nation and gained the undeniable approval of some musical legends along the way. Her sharp flow and lady-like composure make her an irresistible indulgence and a valuable piece of Hip-Hop puzzle that’s been missing, like, forever.

It was a no-brainer when the Puerto Rican Pistol partnered with the Hit Wizard of No Limit Records – Donald “XL” Robertson – to create, and head her own label, Pretty iLL Entertainment (the hub for women in hip hop), with XLP providing digital distribution. Dawn Gun released her debut album, La Pistola, in 2013, via Pretty iLL Ent. It was described by as “the bridge between the [legendary] Rucker and Leimert Park”. Reviewer Brandon Bakus added, [“Dawn Gun] is helping me move consciously from, ‘Wow, another dope female rapper,’ to ‘Wow, another dope rapper.’”

Dawn Gun is currently building the PiE Empire and preparing to drop some more heat on her haters.